Friday, July 10, 2009

rainy season

Mornings dawn cool and lovely, announced at regular intervals by the rooster behind our house. First thing in the morning is the time to run errands, line dry clothes, walk to town. Picture it: the road goes straight for almost 3 miles with houses and shops spaced neatly on its side, then suddenly the road turns and you are surrounded by mountains, green and jagged on top, which drop off steeply into a red-roofed pueblo. Take a good look; by 10 or 11 the mountains start to disappear behind fog and gray clouds. You see it raining in the mountains first, then by noon, just as the day is really getting hot, the gray has covered the blue sky and thickened. Around noon it begins to rain, sometimes a drizzle, sometimes in a thunderclap that turns the hilly streets of town into rivers. There is a reason all the shops and schools have awnings. The university we´re attending for Spanish classes has no entrance or exit doors, only open hallways of classrooms, buildings connected by awning-covered sidewalks. If it never gets cold, why close yourself off?

And with guaranteed rain everyday, what better thing is there to do than take a siesta, or brew a cup of Panamanian coffee and write?


  1. When you hear a rooster cock-a-doodling in the distance you know you arrived in a place worth going. I forgot that you have been posting on your blog Emily. Ignore my last email to you as your blog has answered many questions. We look forward to your next entry.

  2. This comes from Carol Gapen, not Sue and Leo because I can't figure out how to get to my own google account. Here's my message:

    Hi Em and Matt: Just finished reading your blog, Em! It is so interesting and I will be following it from now on as you progress through Panama. It sounds as if you are having a great experience. Foreign travel is so..... well, enlightening is probably the best word I can think of. In Italy one must always say good morning, afternoon or evening before anything else or you would be considered quite rude. The Euro dollar has made money much easier to understand. I read many books and saw lots of tapes about the Panama canal when I took my boat trip there a few years ago. Sometime you might want to catch up on what happened when President Carter wanted to return the canal to Panama. Politics!
    It is early a.m. here at Hazelhurst. Time to start the day.

    Carol Gapen

  3. I'm testing for a way to access my own google account. If I can't find it I will send more messages under Sue's account.


  4. Me again. I think I got it figured out. If you can possibly send or post a picture of the two of you by email or on your blog I might be able to print it out and post it on our bulletin board at Hazelhurst.

    Fairy GM