Thursday, April 1, 2010

March writing total

March pretty much stayed like a lamb the whole time, and now we’ve coasted into April. My month as artist-of-the-month at the co-op is over, and it’s time for the monthly writing update. I had hoped, just for the sake of round numbers, to say that the first 40 pages were now solid, but in truth I'm only to the end of 38 (though that’s 1.5 spacing, so in double space it’s longer…) I keep waiting to reach the section where all I have to do is change a verb or two, and 50 pages are all set. That’s the problem with deleting characters...they just keep popping up saying important things that you have to put into someone else's mouth.

Anyway, I wrote 5575 words, which comes out to about 22 pages this month. PLUS on Monday, the first day of my spring break, I spent the whole day writing a 20-page short story from start to finish. It was glorious. I’ve never written that much in one day in my LIFE. Of course, when you set the standard like that on the first day of break, the rest is bound to look a bit paltry by comparison. It was like when I bought furniture out of college, and my very first piece of furniture I purchased (working for Americorps, granted) was a 99 cent couch. After that, my perspective was way off. What??? That tag-sale futon costs 20 couches!!!

I’ve spent most of spring break so far correcting papers and doing some writing, the latter of which makes me a happier person. I’ve decided that my ideal schedule would be 3-4 weeks on (teaching), 2 weeks off to write. Give yourself a whole summer, and the urgency fades. But goodness knows a second week of writing and no teaching sound amazing right now...

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