Monday, November 26, 2012

living punctuation
The turkey is just about eaten. Our Thanksgiving guests left just this morning after a week-long visit. The house is back in order (thanks to the help of said guests). Now I find myself feeling, well, ho-hum. A bit sad, a bit now-what?

It's the let-down day. 

My Mom is the one who pointed this out. Sentences don't make sense without commas and periods telling us when to pause. Paragraphs can only go on so long and still keep our attention.

Why shouldn't our lives have punctuation, too? We had visitors, bustle, good food, things to look forward to. And there are good things to come, as well. Advent starts on Sunday, and everyone's eyes (if they have not already) will adjust Christmas-ward (if you celebrate). But not yet.

So today marks the end of the paragraph. A bit of rest, a bit of reshuffling. Whatever I get done today is bonus. Tomorrow we'll start anew.

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