Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beautiful Poem

We discussed this poem in my class today. I was looking for a contemporary example of a poem that uses meter. This one is, more or less, in iambic pentameter, with a beautifully placed scattering of rhyme. I'm going to put Dubrow's poetry collection Stateside on my to-buy list.

Before the Deployment
by Jehanne Dubrow

He kisses me before he goes. While I,
still dozing, half-asleep, laugh and rub my face

against the sueded surface of the sheets,
thinking it’s him I touch, his skin beneath

my hands, my body curving in to meet
his body there. I never hear him leave.

But I believe he shuts the bedroom door,
as though unsure if he should change his mind,

pull off his boots, crawl beneath the blankets
left behind, his hand a heat against my breast,

our heart rates slowing into rest. Perhaps
all good-byes should whisper like a piece of silk—

and then the quick surprise of waking, alone
except for the citrus ghost of his cologne.

© 2013, Academy of American Poets. All Rights Reserved.

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