Monday, April 22, 2013

Emily Recommends: Blood, Bones & Butter

I have spent the past week or so lost in Gabrielle Hamilton's beautifully written memoir Blood, Bones & Butter. She has led an astounding and frenetic life, both in and out of the kitchen, and she writes about it unflinchingly and graciously. She credits the parents who taught her so much of what she needed to be a successful chef while also presenting the ways they destroyed her adolescence. This is a memoir told with humor, openness, and a lyrical delight of food. I offer these two sentences as one early example:

"I love how you can snap a pea's stem and pull the string and how it leaves a perfect seam that opens easily under your thumbnail. And then you find those sweet, starchy peas in their own canoe of crisp, watery, and almost sugary pod." p 14

Highly recommended.

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