Friday, September 13, 2013

Write-from-home mom meets toddler

How do you manage to finish your novel and market your teaching book and write articles and make radio and plan your next class and mother your beloved toddler? Um, yeah. Keep a long view. I can never accomplish as much as I wish. That said, even if I had absolutely nothing else going on, I'd still feel the same way. Being a write-from-home mom is actually a more workable balance than I initially expected. Then again, it depends on the day. Here's today:

When it doesn't works so well: 
I'm just starting to wrap my head around editing a radio story when child wakes up crying from her nap. She has only slept for half an hour, the first part of which was spent making coffee and grabbing some lunch. Will she go back to sleep? No. Good-bye, radio story.

When it does work well: 
While putting her to bed that night, which takes particularly long, I re-write the story in my head. Hello, radio story.

Instead of feeling stuck or, let's face it, just plain working, I got to spend the morning at the children's museum and the afternoon playing outside. Really, life is good.

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