Friday, June 25, 2010


One ream of paper and an entire container of ink later, I've printed three copies (well, almost three copies, darn ink jet) of my "finished" novel, working title /The Violinist/. I have finished draft two and will be putting it in the mail tomorrow. (Which is a bit of a deal, considering it's almost an inch thick.) I say "finished" because there's always the chance my readers will point out enormous design flaws. But I've been writing 5-6 days a week all of June, and it has been joyous. It helps to be able to go for a walk before, after, and sometimes during writing sessions--especially after, when I'm trying to snap out of the written world.

Tomorrow Matt and I head off westward. Look for posts from me describing Montana and beyond.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! Hurrah hurrah!

    Who are you sending your drafts to?

  2. Emily--Thanks for your kind comment about "The Arts of Extinction", in Hayden's Ferry. Not many people would take the time to sent a note like that. I just got it today (8.30.10). What a wonderful thing to find in my inbox! Best of luck with "The Violinist"! Sounds like your career is really taking off. Have fun in Montana--one of my favorite states. --Anne