Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorializing / the writing life

Feeling a bit tender around the edges after a plan to celebrate Memorial Day with friends resulted in us watching both /Glory/ and /Gettysburg/ in the same day. That's about 6.5 hours of fighting and dying. Both movies are incredibly stirring and highly recommended, though not on the same day. I think it's neat to know that the way /Gettysburg/ managed to have such huge crowds was have Civil War reenactors be extras in the movie. They came with their own costumes--that, though, is the reason why there is no blood and their uniforms are always clean.

Anyway, monthly writing total. The semester is over. (yay!) It ended mid-May, so I set my goal at double the in-semester writing total. I wanted to write 40 pages, topping off at page 100. Yesterday, I hit 101. Since the novel is 202 pages long, that's precisely half. Woo hoo! I'm hoping to treat the next two weeks at home as a writer's retreat and get lots more done. I'm loving having the time to write.

Speaking of the Civil War, tonight is summer's first Luddington Guard Band (formed during civil war) performance and pie sale at the park in Menomonie. :) Their playlist will include a Broadway review.

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