Thursday, September 13, 2012


I was going to title this "You know you live in a small town when..." but these things could possibly happen elsewhere.

1) I got a call from the librarian, saying "I think you turned in one of your baby books today along with your others." She put it on the "hold" shelf for me until I could get it a few days later. My name was not on the book, nor is The Very Hungry Caterpillar particularly rare. Yes, it was in a pile with other books I returned, but still, for the head librarian to notice and call--that was nice. It probably helps that she lives in my apartment complex and I say hello when I go get the mail!

2) Getting my teeth cleaned this morning, baby Abigail was none too happy. She started crying--tears and everything--she did NOT want to be in her car seat on the floor when Mommy was up there doing who-knows-what, and neither a giraffe toy nor a sheep was going to help matters.Two other hygienists came in instantly, and one of them offered to take her and walk around so I could get my teeth cleaned. So nice of her. I handed her off without worrying, even though I didn't actually know her. (Though the other hygienist I knew from church.) When I was done, 15 minutes later, Abigail was smiling, hanging out with the dentist, who also has little kids and looked sorry to go back to work. Thank you, Grumban and Grumban! I was careful to schedule the next appointment during spring break, when she can stay home with daddy.

Those little gestures mean so much. After a year of living in this small town, I'm starting to feel that there's a sense of community. Not for me, yet, necessarily, but I know it's there. The few people I know, I'm starting to see those people in multiple places. Starting to get some artistic opportunities, too. Here's hoping I'll be able to teach some creative writing workshops this year! I look forward to surprising discoveries.

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