Thursday, December 13, 2012

a happy stumble-upon

In a house set a little back from Main Street, with a big garden out front and a mural on top, just across from the neon-painted Vintage Thrift store, sits Many Ways of Peace. I'd heard about it from a few people, but I'd lived in town for a year before I wheeled the stroller in to say hello and see just what this place was about. Boy am I glad I did. My heart thrills when I find people who *get* the connection between making art (in my case, writing poetry) and social justice. Mary Jo and Debbie, who run the place, remind me of the power of hospitality by offering tea or coffee and a few moments to sit and talk. It's amazing how far that goes toward making a person feel, well, wonderful. They opened up their space for me to teach a Poets of Peace class this past month, and we've just scheduled another 5-week class for Tuesdays, 10 - 11:30 AM, beginning January 22nd. If you're in the area, please mark your calendars!

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