Friday, December 7, 2012

saving the world

The Midwest and elsewhere is recovering from a drought, wells throughout the country are popping up to frack for natural gas (pouring water into the ground and rendering it undrinkable afterward) and we read daily in the news about the grim outlook of our water supply. I'm to the point where I try not to listen, feeling like there isn't anything I can do to change our outlook, other than to be as responsible as possible in my own actions and purchases.

And so, what a joy to learn that a young guy from South Africa has invented a way to take a water-free bath. Among South African users, they figure that each time someone uses this lotion, it saves 80 gallons of water (if you can afford to take a bath) or 2 hours of time hauling that water from a far-off river. And if you can wash your face, you can save yourself from a disease which causes blindness. Not sure how it will catch on in water-guzzling America, but still. Stories like this give me hope that we can invent ways to keep this planet going.

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